Why Elastifile

Your Data Is Trapped In Infrastructure And Stranded On Islands


“Data should roam free, so free it you should. Free data is free business, and free business is good.”


Today’s Data Reality Is Misaligned With Modern Business Needs

For decades, data has been stored in the same way: locked inside physical storage arrays. That leaves most users who are trying to access data limited to their specific site, virtualization stack, and silo. Our infrastructure is a network of disjointed and inefficient storage islands, geographically spread across the enterprise. Even worse, most block and object storage limits any real user self-service and data application intelligence.

The Advent Of “The Cloud” Hasn’t Solved The Problem

Each cloud is ultimately just another island. Currently, IT admins make colossal efforts to connect islands for the sake of global data access, but still struggle with the massive overhead, unhappy users, and compromised business processes. It’s time to free your data. It’s time to empower your Dev/Biz/Ops teams with an environment primed for analytics and applications.

Traditional Storage Approaches Are Holding You Back

Traditional storage infrastructure has become the fundamental bottleneck for performance, business process agility, and cost. Enterprises love the elastic, on-demand, self-service, and consumption pricing of public cloud infrastructure…and they want similar solutions for on-premises and hybrid cloud solutions, across container, VM, and bare metal workloads.

Our Design Goal: Be The Best Data Platform For The Cloud Era Enterprise

Free from any legacy constraints, we built a new file system from scratch - natively engineered for the era of the hybrid cloud. And this is what guided our design when we invented it:

Deliver The Benefits Of Public Cloud To On-Premises

Enterprises love the public cloud’s elasticity, simplicity, consumption-based cost alignment, and self-service capabilities. However, rather than relying solely on an external vendor, many enterprises want to also leverage those advantages within their onsite storage and data infrastructure.

Fulfill The Promise Of The Hybrid Cloud

Most enterprises are turning to hybrid cloud deployments as their IT architecture of choice. Simply put, they seek to enjoy the benefits of their on-premises data center infrastructure, while also leveraging the cloud as a natural extension of their onsite capabilities.


Data Fabric

The Cross-Cloud Data Fabric

The Elastifile fabric frees data from any underlying infrastructure, unifying all storage islands across locations. The fabric creates a single global namespace accessible from anywhere in the world. All users access and collaborate with the data as if it were stored in just one place. Data is now available to use without needing to ask for it, wait for it, or copy it across the network.

Fulfill The Promise Of The Cloud With Elastifile

Unified Data Access

Data Access

Consume data on-premises and in any cloud without conversion and seamlessly support both traditional workloads & cloud-native apps.

Efficient CloudConnect


Seamlessly transfer data between on-premises and the cloud. Store in low-cost object tier and access on-demand as a consistent, in-cloud file system.

Cloud Scale Elasticity

Cloud Scale

Handle demand surges requiring 1000s of nodes. Scale out and scale in on demand to control hybrid cloud bursting and public cloud spending.

Flash Native Cloud Performance

Flash Native Cloud

Consolidate both transactional workloads and batch workloads in the cloud and/or on-premises, without ever risking SLAs for IOPS, bandwidth, or latency.

Imagine A Business That’s Empowered By Data, And Not Limited By It

This is the start of a new era of data management and self service: secure, policy-driven, and application integrated. With Elastifile, business users can unlock true hybrid cloud workflows, stateful containers, databases, multi-site cloud analytics, backup to object, and much more.

They can now fulfill any data dream using a process that’s completely self service, without needing to wait or rely on IT. Imagine the new transformational workflows now made possible when you combine mixed workloads and traverse the boundaries of locations and clouds. Imagine a business that’s empowered by data, and not limited by it. That, in a word, is Elastifile.

Empowered By Data