The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform


Modern software-defined storage

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is a highly scalable software-based solution designed to transform how you deliver storage to your enterprise. Harnessing the power of distributed systems, the simplicity of cloud, and a complete set of enterprise capabilities, Hedvig lets you tailor a modern, high-performance, elastic storage system built with low-cost commodity hardware to support any application, hypervisor, container, or cloud.

Hedvig Equation

One platform for any application

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides a single, unified storage solution supporting block, file, and object protocols. For data center teams modernizing legacy apps as well as deploying new apps, Hedvig provides a consistent data management and provisioning experience.

Implicitly hybrid and fully programmable

Hedvig software deploys on-premise and in public clouds, creating an implicitly hybrid storage system. A full set of APIs enables developers to build self-service portals and custom integrations.


The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform predictably and dynamically scales storage performance and capacity with off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers.

Hedvig Storage Service

The Hedvig Storage Service features a patented distributed systems engine that powers elastic, flexible storage with the capabilities you expect from an enterprise-class solution. You simply provision Virtual Disks – each customizable by protocol, capacity, protection, and a range of storage services for a perfect fit with your applications.

Hedvig storage services:

  • Thin provisioning
  • Server-side flash/SSD caching
  • Zero-impact snapshots & clones
  • Disaster recovery (DR) replication
  • Inline deduplication & compression
  • Pin-to-flash & hybrid volume options

Cluster efficiency and resiliency features:

  • Auto-tiering
  • Self-healing
  • Auto-balancing
  • I/O sequentialization
  • Intelligent data distribution
  • Tunable, multi-site replication
Architechture Diagram

Hedvig Storage Proxy

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform predictably and dynamically scales storage performance and capacity with off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers.

Hedvig Storage Service

The Hedvig Storage Proxy provides a lightweight access and client-side caching layer that runs as a guest VM or Docker container. The Storage Proxy delivers data services to any compute environment including VMware® vSphere, Microsoft® Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen environments – and includes OpenStack support via Cinder. Now you can consolidate and meet all of your storage needs without any change to your applications.

Storage protocols:

  • Block: iSCSI
  • File: NFS
  • Object: Swift and S3

Hedvig APIs

Every feature of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is available to cloud and application developers via RESTful application programming interfaces (API).


Hyperscale or Hyperconverged

Hedvig supports independent scaling of the Hedvig Storage Proxy and Hedvig Storage Service, providing the flexibility to deploy in hyperscale or hyperconverged modes. This gives you the freedom to choose a deployment option that best fits the requirements of your workload.

Hyperscale or Hyperconverged


Deliver speed to business

  • Provision storage with the speed and simplicity of the cloud
  • Expand capacity and performance without changes to application infrastructure
  • Eliminate the headaches of traditional storage operations and maintenance

Ensure resiliency and protection

  • Lower risk of data-loss with distributed replication and zero-impact DR
  • Eliminate storage downtime and interruption with cluster self-healing
  • Never be impacted by data-migration demands again

Cut data storage costs

  • Build a resilient, reliable storage system with off-the-shelf hardware
  • Store efficiently and reduce capacity requirements by 75% or more
  • Lower TCO up to 60%


Hyperscale or Hyperconverged

Watch a quick guided tour of the Hedvig web user interface.