Why Hedvig?

Choose the platform that fits your business requirements on either a Hyperscale or Hyperconverged commodity hardware based platform.

Hedvig supports independent scaling of the Hedvig Storage Proxy and Hedvig Storage Service, providing the flexibility to deploy in hyperscale or hyperconverged modes. This gives you the freedom to choose a deployment option that best fits the requirements of your workload.

Hyperscale or Hyperconverged

Modern storage for modern business

Designed for change and built to scale, Hedvig’s software-defined storage solution provides the flexibility needed for rapidly changing data, app, and user requirements.

Hedvig's Distributed Storage Platform

Hedvig’s platform is powered by patented distributed systems technology, transforming everyday server infrastructure into flexible, modern storage that can be tailored to any workload.



Scales to petabytes
of data

Start with as few as two nodes and scale to thousands. Add capacity if and when needed. Embrace the economics of commodity x86 infrastructure to build your storage.



Provides block, file, and
object storage

Collapse monolithic, disparate storage solutions into a single, modern platform. Streamline and automate provisioning. Bring the simplicity of public clouds to your datacenter.



Connects to any computer,
runs in any cloud

Ensure any application leverages modern storage without the need for rewrites. Support all operating systems today. Evolve to software-defined and cloud infrastructure at the pace your business demands.

Two Ways to Get Started with Hedvig

Cut storage costs by 60% or more for
traditional workloads


Server Virtualization

Scalable, multi-site storage for any hypervisor



Inexpensive backup target with built-in DR



Hyperconverged or hyperscale desktop storage

Increase flexibility for new workloads and
hybrid clouds

Production Clouds

Hybrid Clouds

Multitenant, elastic storage spanning private & public clouds

Test/Dev Clouds

Test/Dev Clouds

Self-service, API-driven storage for DevOps

Big Data

Big Data

Single, cost-effective data lake for Hadoop