Fusion EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management

VXL Software’s powerful enterprise mobility management solution, Fusion EMM, delivers comprehensive, dependable Android and iOS device management – including BYOD – at a far more affordable price.


Fusion EMM device management – the new benchmark for simplicity and value

Fusion EMM brings the power of VXL Software’s Fusion suite – the industry-leading device management portfolio of applications – to Android and iOS mobile devices. Using Fusion EMM, organisations can manage mobile devices, regardless of location, as easily as they could desktops and thin clients within their own offices. Better still, Fusion EMM is extremely competitively priced against comparable products.

Fusion EMM



Device management

Easily manage mobile devices right across the enterprise, regardless of location – free your users and secure their devices.

Device enrolment

Add new devices quickly and easily – whether it’s one device, a hundred, or more. Fusion EMM makes device rollouts a snap.

Device provisioning

Provision new iOS and Android devices rapidly – setting them up with your specific applications, access rights and content controls.

Inventory and asset management

Asset management ceases to be a chore with Fusion EMM – see all of your devices, in real time, and generate comprehensive reports.

Application management

Manage applications easily – including remote deployment, provisioning and installation, updates and secure removal.

Security management

Keep devices, corporate applications and data secure, in real time – for all devices, regardless of location.

Real-time data

View device data in real time – Fusion EMM delivers the information IT teams need to make informed decisions and respond rapidly to change.

Browser-based administration

Built for today, Fusion EMM’s hosted browser-based software is quick and intuitive to use. Everything is just a click or two away.


Fusion EMM provides access to secure applications and data when on company networks or VPNs – and allows access to just personal applications and data when on public networks.

E-mail management (Platinum)

Manage e-mail settings, policies, clients and data on mobile devices as easily as you would with desktop clients.

Browsing management (Platinum)

Manage device browsers easily – implement secure policies which restrict access to corporate intranets and defined websites.

Content management (Platinum)

Control corporate content, using flexible admin rules – define who can access documents and editing rights. Audit trails log file access and update information.

Enterprise configurations (Platinum)

Advanced enterprise configurations enable large organisations to control devices with greater power, flexibility and granularity.