Why Big Switch Networks

The Next-Generation Data Center Networking Company

Big Switch Networks


Big Switch Networks is at the forefront of the next-generation of networking technologies.

By combining industry standard switch hardware (“white box / branded white box “brite box”) with intelligent SDN control software, the company is delivering next-generation data center networking fabrics for the world’s most advanced data centers looking to achieve unmatched degrees of network automation at cloud-competitive price points.

Big Switch Networks has two data center networking solutions: Big Cloud Fabric, a data center switching fabric for OpenStack clouds or VMware virtualization environments, and Big Monitoring Fabric, a network packet broker that enables pervasive security and security, monitoring data center traffic for inline or out-of-band deployments. Big Switch is taking three key technologies: vendor agnostic switch hardware, SDN control software, and core-and-pod data center designs –and leveraging them for use in next-generation data center switching and monitoring solutions designed for use in enterprises, cloud providers, and service providers.

All Big Switch solutions run on high-performance open networking switches from Accton or Dell Technologies and leverage centralized SDN controller software for fabric-wide control and management. Big Switch Networks has two solutions:

Big Cloud™ Fabric

Next-Generation Data Center Switching

Big Cloud Fabric is the next generation data center switching fabric for rapid provisioning, troubleshooting, innovation, and simplified operations. A controller-driven leaf-spine architecture enables scale out pod deployments for physical and virtual workloads, OpenStack private cloud, VMware environments, container environments, Big Data, and VDI.

Big Monitoring™ Fabric

Next-generation Visibility and Security

Big Monitoring Fabric enables pervasive visibility and security of network workloads, selectively delivering them to multiple security, performance and compliance tools—both inline and out-of-band. Network owners can now see and secure every network, VM, container and cloud—and manage, automate, and analyze it all from a single pane interface.

Underlying Technologies

To bring complete solutions to market, Big Switch Networks’ SDN fabrics leverage the company's Switch Light™ network operating system (NOS) in the data plane, sharing the same codebase and operational model across a range of physical hardware platforms and hypervisors. In conjunction with a centralized Big Cloud Fabric or Big Monitoring Fabric SDN controller, Switch Light enables dramatic reductions in the cost of your network operations and eliminates time-consuming, manual procedures by enabling central provisioning, automation and troubleshooting.

The Switch Light OS is an open networking hardware switch OS purpose built for SDN, while the Switch Light VX is a high performance SDN vSwitch for Unified Physical + Virtual solutions for OpenStack deployments.

Underlying Technologies

Open Philosophy

Open Philosophy

Since inception, Big Switch Networks has been an active member and contributor to a number of open source consortiums. Core to the company's engineering philosophy is a component-based approach, where open source and commercial modules exist side-by-side. When combined with a strong ethos of engineering design, this leads to a higher quality product experience in the near-term, faster innovation in the mid-term and more customer choice in the long-term.

At this time we are active members of three open source communities:

  • OpenStack: The company has participated both as a downstream user of OpenStack, a commercial entity in the OpenStack product ecosystem and as a significant upstream contributor.
  • The Open Compute Project: Big Switch Networks co-sponsored the contribution of ONIE (Open Network Install Environment), and most recently led the contribution of Open Network Linux.
  • The Open Networking Foundation: Big Switch Networks employees have chaired multiple working groups, including the Architecture Working Group and the Technical Advisory Group.

In addition to contributions as a member in large community work, the company has actively contributed to its own open source projects; Project Floodlight® and Project Indigo.