Cohesity Webinar Series

Data Protection with Cohesity Profiles and Policies

In recent years, we have seen rampant change occur in the datacenter around primary workloads with the evolution of all-flash and newer hybrid storage arrays. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other elements that make-up the complete picture for the modern enterprise, which we refer to as Secondary Storage.

Secondary Storage refers to any non-mission critical storage, including systems used for analytics, file shares, test & dev environments, backup, archival, and disaster recovery. The Cohesity Data Platform is built specifically to address these diverse secondary storage needs.

Today, we will focus on one key secondary storage application, Data Protection, which has seen little to no real innovation in more than a decade.

In this webinar series we will discuss how Cohesity is taking an all-new approach to Data Protection by harnessing the power of a fully-distributed and fault-tolerant scale-out cluster and applying simple workflows to protect, replicate, and archive your data.

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