Why Cumulus Networks?

Better, Faster and Easier Networks


Faster - High capacity fabrics, unprecedented price performance, rapid innovation

Easier - Simplified network automation, consistent tools for network and compute, flexible solutions

Affordable - Lower OPEX/CAPEX, break free from vendor lock-in, large ecosystem of Linux apps

Key Cumulus Linux Functionality

Modern Data Center Networking Solutions

Enhanced open networking solutions, including support for IPv4/v6 routing suite, Layer 2 suite, security ACLs, QoS, and VXLAN. These features are at the foundation of traditional and modern datacenter architectures such as large-scale leaf/spine fabrics, and network virtualization.

Rich Open Source and Commercial Applications Ecosystem

Cumulus Linux leverages the Linux kernel data structures to allow seamless integration with existing Linux applications, both open source and commercial versions, and enable rapid innovation. Large Scale Orchestration, Automation Leverages Linux’s extensibility to support any scripting language, enables automation with zero-touch install and provisioning, and integrates seamlessly with orchestration tools such as Chef, Puppet, CFEngine.

Efficient Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Leverages traditional Linux and networking tools such as SNMPv2/v3, SPAN/ERSPAN, integrates with advanced monitoring tools such Collected, Ganglia, Nagios, and provides advanced troubleshooting with tools such as Cumulus Linux’s Prescriptive Topology Manager for topology consistency against a topology graph.



Unlock Your Choices


No vendor lock-in

Linux community resources



Serve the Business Better

Automation with Linux tools

Ease of scaling

DevOps innovation



Save as You Grow

Bare metal CapEx

OpEx savings

Open solutions ecosystem