Anomaly detection, automated forensics, remediation, intelligence sharing, and awareness training.

IRONSCALES is the first and only advanced anti-phishing threat protection platform to combine human intelligence with machine learning to prevent, detect and respond automatically to today’s sophisticated attacks using a multi-layered and automated approach.

IRONSCALES suite of products prepare and enable employees to take an active role in protecting the integrity of their organisations, while reinforcing their efforts with technology that can automatically defend enterprises from attacks in real-time.


Advanced Mailbox-level Anomaly Detection

Defend against Business Email Compromise (BEC) with IronSights your virtual security analyst that utilizes UNIQUE anti-impersonation models to detect anomalies and communication habits at the mailbox level--unlike current alternative solutions that only monitor on the gateway level.



Automated Phishing Forensics, Orchestration & Response

IronTraps conducts email phishing analysis, forensics, mitigation and remediation automatically or at the click of a button. Most applications require an army of highly trained SOC or security specialists to manually deal with hundreds of daily reported security events and responses.



Real-time Actionable P2P Phishing Intelligence Sharing

The first and only anti-phishing technology to provide a comprehensive real-time, anonymous and automated intelligence sharing ecosystem between companies that is integrated into the automated incident response layer.



Simulation and Phishing Awareness Training

Unlike the traditional one-size fits all approach to security awareness training, IronSchool starts with an initial employee assessment to benchmark users phishing recognition and classification skills. It then automatically grades each user and adjusts the training according to their current skill level. All training is personalised and gamified to make learning about phishing easy to remember and fun.


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