Software-Defined Hyperconvergence

Reduce Data Center Complexities with a Software-Only Hyperconverged Solution

No Vendor Lock-In Stratoscale Symphony is a software only hyperconverged solution that can be deployed on any X86 hardware

Hypervisor Included No need to purchase additional third party software

Enterprise Grade Solution Built-in data recovery mechanisms and resiliency, prove high availability and self-healing at the VM level, and across the entire cluster


Today’s data center presents IT with several complexities related to integrating compute, storage and networking infrastructure from multiple vendors. In addition, IT is facing deployment challenges – how to perform POCs and integration tests to ensure interoperability of the different components and equipment.

This is no quick and easy task.

The deployment process becomes expensive as staff is focused on implementation and deployment. A hyperconverged infrastructure removes this obstacle by eliminating the hassles of integration and testing so that you can focus on the business at hand.

Stratoscale Symphony is a software only hyperconverged solution, integrating compute, storage and networking on any x86 Hardware. Symphony simplifies IT processes, saving expenditures on infrastructure and staffing and shortening deployment timelines, with fewer integration points and vendor involvement. Organizations can then achieve true value from their data center investment.