The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is a highly scalable software-based solution designed to transform how you deliver storage to your enterprise.

Hedvig software deploys on-premises and in public clouds, creating an implicitly hybrid storage system. Its patented distributed systems engine powers elastic, flexible storage with the capabilities you expect from an enterprise-class solution. Hedvig provides a single, unified storage solution with support for block, file, and object protocols that predictably and dynamically scales storage performance and capacity with EthoScale Servers.


The core components of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform are:

  • Hedvig Storage Service: Forms a scale-out storage cluster with EthoScale Servers, aggregating spinning disk and flash storage resources into a virtualized storage tier.
  • Hedvig Storage Proxy: Enables OS, hypervisor, and application access to the storage cluster via industry-standard protocols and provides client-side services including caching and deduplication.
  • Hedvig APIs: Enable REST and RPC-based access to all Hedvig storage features for software developers who wish to automate provisioning and management with self-service portals, applications, and clouds.

Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform

Hyperscale and Hyperconverged

Hedvig software can be configured in two modes, hyperscale, where storage capacity is scaled independently from application compute resources, and hyperconverged*, where storage and application compute are bundled and scaled together. With Hedvig, a single storage system can incorporate both hyperscale and hyperconverged resources affording the freedom to choose deployment options that best fit the requirements of your workload.

Hyperscale and Hyperconverged diagram

Once deployed, you simply provision virtual disks – each customizable by protocol, capacity, protection, and a range of storage services for a perfect fit with your applications.

*The EthoScale Storage System has been designed for hyperscale deployments. Platforms specifically tailored for hyperconverged deployments are available from Ethos Technology; please contact your Account Manager for details.