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March 16 2016

Credit Acceptance Implemented Cohesity and Pure Storage

Getting all-flash array for primary storage and consolidated secondary storage platform.

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March 14 2016

Secondary can be just as important as Primary

There can be little doubt these days, that the future of the storage industry for primary transactional workloads is All Flash.

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March 9 2016

Cohesity & Pure Collaborate To Bring High-Performance, Cost-Effective Secondary Storage

Through a joint customer, Credit Acceptance Corporation, Cohesity and Pure Storage have worked together to combine Pure Storage’s All-Flash array with Cohesity’s consolidated secondary storage platform.

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February 11 2016

Cohesity converged secondary storage adds automation

Cohesity bolsters its data protection platform with automation for cloud archiving and off-site replication. The company's CEO says it helps manage and converge secondary storage.

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February 11 2016

Cohesity Data Platform 2.0 is out

Cohesity have released their next version (2.0) of the Cohesity Data Platform.

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February 11 2016

Tier me up, tier me down: Cohesity adds cloud spill trays to on-premises array

Converged secondary storage startup Cohesity has added public cloud tiering, encryption and replication to its clustered storage arrays.

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