Unstructured Data Management Made for the Enterprise

Datadobi provides Enterprise-class NAS migration software to migrate and protect data anywhere. Unstructured NAS Data Management made for the Enterprise.


Moving unstructured data from one platform to another can be time consuming, costly, and risky, especially when you’re talking about millions – or billions – of files. And every day spent migrating data to a new storage platform is a day of lost ROI. There is a better way.


Your organization’s unstructured data is at risk from cyberthreats, ransomware, accidental deletions, and software vulnerabilities. Recovering lost data is costly and time consuming. Keeping a golden copy of your most business-critical NAS and object data in an air-gapped bunker site in a remote data center or in the cloud is essential. But in today’s multicloud world, creating additional off-site copies isn’t easy. Until now.