Big Switch Networks

Big Switch Networks are disrupting the status quo of data-centre networking with order of magnitude improvements in network intelligence, agility, and flexibility by delivering Cloud-Native Networking.

The Next-Generation Data Centre Switching Fabric

Big Cloud Fabric™ is a vendor agnostic data centre switching fabric for OpenStack, VMware, Nutanix, SDS, HCI, NFV, and Containers; built using SDN controller software and open networking (white-box or brite-box) hardware switches. Embracing hyper-scale data centre design principles, the Big Cloud Fabric solution delivers:

  1. intelligence by simplifying network operations and providing fabric-wide telemetry,
  2. agility by enabling network automation to rapidly deploy application and services, and
  3. deployment flexibility powered by a scale-out architecture and open network hardware.

Big Cloud Fabric as One Big Switch

The Next-Generation Network Packet Broker

Big Monitoring Fabric™ combines the functions of traditional NPBs with the intelligence, agility and flexibility of a true SDN fabric. It delivers network packets to both passive and active performance and security tools, and allows network and security teams to define delivery policies for each tool.

Unlike traditional NPBs, which function box-by-box, Big Mon acts as a single logical NPB — built with open-hardware networking switches and x86-based DPDK Service Nodes, managed from a high-availability controller. Additionally, it integrates with Analytics Nodes as well as Recorder Nodes to provide advanced network Telemetry for pervasive security and deeper visibility through a single pane of glass. Because Big Mon’s logical NPB fabric is decoupled from the physical visibility nodes, network operators can deploy, operate, scale and innovate faster.

The Next-Generation Network Packet Broker

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