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3 ways not to lose your data during a cyberattack

3 ways not to lose your data during a cyberattack

Every year we see unfortunate stories of ransomware attacks where companies lose money, data and potentially reputation. One of the most publicised incidents is the case of the North American oil pipeline, Colonial Pipeline, which caused panic in the purchase of fuel. A ransom of $4.4 million was eventually paid but much of it was recovered by the FBI. We are sure that no organisation wants to go through that. Today we bring you some simple ways to keep your data safe.

First, do the basics!

Have these essential and indispensable things to avoid losing your data in an attack: two-factor authentication, patch your systems and security monitoring. Always be cautious when clicking links in emails, socially engineered emails & spoofing may make an email look legit. Cybercriminals don't care if you are a big or small company, so always be cautious!

Have a Backup!

Preferably have a solution that provides immutable storage for your data protection jobs. Have multiple copies, in different locations, preferably with an air-gap. With modern solutions such as Cohesity, these requirements are available to every organisation, large or small.

Zero Trust!

Compromised credentials is the most common way a attacker can gain access to your environment. Whether this is by a phishing attack, know vulnerability or careless password management. Being able to detect and respond in a timely manner, means an attacker can't infiltrate your network. Giving accounts only access to what they need and blocking the rest makes the blast radius of an attack much smaller.

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