How Cohesity can help in Legal IT

How Cohesity can help in Legal IT

I have worked within Legal IT for many years and since I have been introducing new technologies into the UK & EMEA I look back at some of the issues I have been asked to find a solution for in previous roles. I only wish that a solution such as Cohesity was available while I was an engineer! This would have made my life so much easier while also reducing costs of licencing and complex multi-vendor solutions.

There are so many use cases to list were Cohesity can solve problems that today’s IT teams face. Cohesity is an appliance based solution that comes packed with features and is a pay as you grow model that scales infinitely.

I have listed some brief legal use cases that Cohesity can be used for. Cohesity is so versatile that it is not restricted to these use cases and can be used for many more.

Data Protection

Backup solutions are normally expensive insurance policies that are only required for singular files restores and major disasters. They are normally a forklift install and bought up front to grow into whilst using all your power and cooling; therefore costing you more.

With Cohesity’s Integrated data protection (Magneto) you can start protecting in under 10 minutes. Deliver near-zero RTOs and RPOs, without complex & expensive, capacity-based licenses.

  • Backup & Recovery
  • Replication
  • Tape and Cloud Archival

The features of Cohesity don’t stop here. Why not use the data you backup for analytics, Test & Dev (DevOps), DR or file services?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The Solicitor's Code of Conduct requires that all law firms in England and Wales have a business continuity plan in place.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Law Firms is a step-by-step guide to devising and implementing an effective business continuity plan for your firm but how many Law firms have the technology to initiate it in a major incident?

Cohesity with its patented Snap Tree technology, instant recovery, multi-site replication, spill to cloud, global de-dupe and many more features can help you have a solid plan and initialise it when needed; with confidence.

Test & Dev (DevOps)

Leverage Copy Data Management to accelerate time to market.
Rapidly clone, customize, and tear down test & development environments.

  • Instant clones
  • Orchestration & Automation

Why not leverage the backup data you already have by utilising your snap shots to instantly launch Virtual Machines within the Cohesity DevOps platform.

You can use the Cohesity appliance compute to run a Test or Development instance of your Practice or Case Management environment to either test an upgrade, a new feature or a new workflow.

Rather than have a complete separate Test & Dev infrastructure that requires upkeep and incurs further cost to your company. Why not use Cohesity to instantly clone your Virtual Machines and make them available to your Developers. Not only can you create a point in time instance in minutes, you can also rename the server or even present it to a development network.

Analytics & Compliance

Derive valuable insights from secondary storage data. Gain control with native storage reports. Use pre-built apps or extend in-place analytics with the analytics workbench.

  • Versatile app framework on Analytics Workbench
  • Granular usage and performance reports
  • Global indexing and built-in MapReduce

Legacy backup solutions predominantly store your data without allowing you to analyse what you are actually storing. If you require certain data to be encrypted how can you ensure that it is. Shine light on your dark data with Cohesity.

  • eDiscover: Rapid content analysis to find relevant case information for legal requests.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) requirements with cluster-wide content scans for names, phone numbers, and credit card information that may have been stored in clear text.
  • Threat Analysis: Log correlation across disparate packet capture solutions to identify potential threats or origin of a security breach.
    eDiscovery can also be used to ingest a large set of data and help law firms fine comb to produce documents that are relevant to a particular case.

With legal data perpetually increasing in size it is becoming and expensive and time consuming task for businesses involved in litigation to sort through the masses of legal data and extract relevant material.

Chinese Wall

Use Cohesity’s View Box functionality to create an encrypted segregated area as a Chinese Wall. This way even though the data is stored on the same cluster, you have a clear container written across all nodes that is encrypted were data can be stored. These View Boxes can then be presented as individual NFS or SMB targets depending on your needs.

So Why Cohesity

Legacy infrastructures involve multi-vendor solutions that include multiple support contracts and multiple licences. Cohesity consolidates all of this; not only reducing complexity but also reducing infrastructure and licensing costs as well as simplifying your infrastructure.

This is just a snapshot of the power of Cohesity and there are many other features not mentioned in this article that Cohesity can provide.

To find out more take a look at Cohesity or contact us.


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