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New SaaS Solutions Designed to Address Increasingly Sophisticated Ransomware Attacks

How to avoid a ransomware attack

In the early days of cybercrime, cybercriminals focused on encrypting production data. Cohesity allowed customers to rapidly restore their data from backup. As a result, criminals innovated their attack methods and started directly attacking backups, in order to destroy or encrypt them. Thinking of a way to stop criminals, Cohesity unveiled new SaaS offerings, which are available in the data management-as-a-service portfolio of solutions managed by Cohesity.

New SaaS Solutions from Cohesity

Cohesity DataGovern: A data security and management service that uses AI/ML to automate the discovery of sensitive data and detect anomalous patterns of access and usage that can predict a cyberattack.

Project Fort Knox: A service that allows customers to keep an isolated copy of their data in a vault managed by Cohesity to improve data resilience in the face of ransomware attacks.

Learn more about Cohesity's new solutions.

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