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Smart Cities: What They Are and Why They Are Data-Driven

Smart Cities: What They Are and Why They Are Data-Driven

You've probably heard the term Smart Cities referring to technology-powered cities. Today, we will explain more about the term and how it will affect the future.

What are smart cities?

Smart cities are cities that use data analysis and technology to improve services for citizens, such as public health systems, urban planning, improved traffic, and sustainability among other things.

A famous smart city that we can use as an example is the city of Busan, South Korea, which has been building the ideal smart city from scratch. For this, they are doing tests with 54 families who have provided their data for the research that helps in the analysis of data for the creation and improvement of the systems.

Despite being a pretty cool case to watch, Busan isn't the only smart city to be built.

Why data is so important for smart cities

Data collection starts with the consent of the families who live in the city, as in Busan where the 54 families consented to give their data for analysis during 3 years and 'in exchange' live in smart houses within the city only paying for water and electricity. After this collection, an analysis of behavior, health, routine etc., which allows the company managing the smart city project to optimize ways in which the city has services available.

For example, if through data analysis it can be seen that many people living in the city are predisposed to high blood pressure, then it is possible to start building a system to prevent high blood pressure and improve existing treatments in the public health sector.

With data-driven cities, we soon understand that companies will increasingly be data-driven as well.

Today's companies already depend on good data storage to develop good systems for users and keep their services and products for sale, in the future this need will be significantly higher as we build more and more smart cities.

Learn more about the ways your company can store data today by getting in touch with us and start preparing for the future!

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