Software-Defined Access Takes the Software-Defined Perimeter to The Next Level.

Safe-T’s Software-Defined Access is a multi-layered solution, addressing the applications and data access challenge in a hybrid cloud environment. The perimeter is ever expanding, with the introduction of remote access, IOT, BYOD and cloud services. By deploying Safe-T’s solution, you can now unify and streamline all your access and exchange systems and modernize your security perimeter on-premise and in the cloud. It protects and controls access by separating the access layer from the authentication layer, and by segmenting internal networks. This reduces the attack surface and mitigating the risk of external threats such as network DDoS, SSL based attacks, application attacks and more.

Only if authorized, access is granted transparently to the intended user. Once access is granted, Safe-T controls data usage, thus preventing data exfiltration, leakage, malware and ransomware. Safe-T’s patented Software-Defined Access solution has been deployed by leading global enterprises to provide an adaptive access perimeter, thus protecting and mitigating all aspects of access and data threat.

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If You Can’t Be Seen, You Can’t Be Hacked

Safe-T's Software-Defined Access solution provides authorised access to applications, safe sharing of information within your organisation's hybrid cloud environment, and helps you comply with industry regulations and standards.

Software-Defined Access

Safe-T's Software-Defined Access masks data at the network perimeter, hiding applications and services from hostile and unauthorised entities – both internally and externally. Sensitive data, applications, services and networks simply remain invisible unless access is properly granted.

Unify & Streamline Your Data Access

Safe-T protects your entire data access life cycle. After authenticating and verifying the user and device, Safe-T’s patented Reverse Access technology pushes out the requested data only to the authorised user. With security policy-based access control, Safe-T enables you to control data usage, detect risk and create audits and reports. With a seamless user experience from any device, Safe-T also facilitates and consolidates data trust assessment for on premise and hybrid cloud deployments, securing access to data and applications everywhere.

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