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Build a green data centre with Pure FlashArray

Build a green data centre with Pure FlashArray

Unfortunately, the global growth of data centres caused a certain environmental impact, which makes us think more about sustainability because the organisations are under pressure to make better choices about the planet.

Companies like Google has aggressive goals like not using any more carbon-emitting energy 24/7 until 2030. How are these goals achieved? Reducing the space inside of the data centres and offsetting carbon footprints with renewable energy.

To help your company to reduce its carbon footprint and be a sustainable organisation for the world, Pure Storage shared in a post some ways of how they can help. See below:

Green Values

The power consumption costs green—and lots of it. When it comes to the company’s bottom line, it’s difficult to uncouple money from the drive to “go green.” Whatever the reason that drives executives to make a change for a greener, more sustainable data centre, everyone wins.

Increased Performance with Consolidation

Pure Storage® recently released FlashArray//XL to support enterprise workloads and the consolidation needs of production databases. The expanded size of FlashArray//XL can handle the largest of workloads and the most demanding performance requirements for latency, I/O operations per second (IOPS), and throughput, regardless of the database.

Pure understands the importance of efficiency. Pure solutions are efficient in space usage at all levels, from our data reduction to our use of AI to support the workload planner. They all contribute to the environmental reductions that are possible with AIOps planning and support with Pure1®.

Go Green with Evergreen

Pure Storage Evergreen Storage™ subscriptions deliver value to your organization with storage that is deployed once and stays modern with seamless hardware and software upgrades. Your Evergreen subscription includes all data services (including new features), controller upgrades on renewal, and on-demand upgrades with full trade-in credit. As your company grows, you can scale storage as needed—without downtime, performance impact, data migrations, expensive leases, or forklift upgrades. Evergreen simplifies everything about the data storage life cycle. Imagine storage that just works, delivering you six nines of availability on FlashArray™—including upgrades—all while meeting your corporate goals for energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Contact us today to be more sustainable with Pure Storage.

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