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What is DataWeb?

What is DataWeb?

You've probably heard the term web 3.0 or Data web. Web 3.0 is the evolution of how society deals with the internet and interacts through it, that is, it is a new global trend of behavior connected full-time to the internet. We'll explain more about web 3.0, or data web, in this post and show how it changes the whole way we look at data going forward.

First, what came before web 3.0

Just like we have the historical leaps like the French revolution, the modern age, etc. The internet also has its leaps in history and this started in the mid-'80s when it was created. This period is called web 1.0, which relates to the period when websites had static pages and only companies had access to propagate information.

This changed a little with the beginning of web 2.0, a leap that was made around the 2000s when we used dial-up internet but access was less restricted and people were no longer just spectators and also became content producers on the internet with the emergence of MySpace and Facebook.

The web 3.0

The leap we are taking now is to web 3.0, where many experts are identifying that we are changing our behavior as it changed from web 1.0 to 2.0. This new moment is also being called web data because experts believe that past paradigms will be broken thanks to the excess of available information.

This new web is marked by three major concepts:

• Decentralization: independence from banks, government agencies, demographic boundaries, or company technologies;
• Privacy: avoid the exposure of personal data, annoyance with tracking, and avoidance of targeted advertisements;
• Virtualization: strengthening digital worlds and reproducing realistic experiences in a virtual way.

One of the things that are most talked about in web data is the interpretation of data by machines in an almost natural way, which will allow deeper interaction with computers that will be able to better understand users. And also, algorithms will be able to evolve to the point of anticipating and anticipate demands and problems even before they arise.

How web data influences the future of companies

According to a blog from our partner Pure Storage, Web 3.0 will evolve into data-hungry applications and data. Blockchain and artificial intelligence will require new IT skills and investments; tokens and marketplaces require the adoption of wallets and coins. Everything will require careful attention to encryption and key management. And underneath it all, it will require infrastructure that can support it. Trying to adopt Web 3.0 technologies into legacy infrastructures will not only be difficult but could defeat the purpose.

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