Discover Pure Storage's new FlashExpress Suite

Discover Pure Storage's new FlashExpress Suite

Pure Storage has announced its newest Bundle service, the FlashExpress Suite. It is a package that brings together Support, Hardware, and the cloud in one place with security and much more practicality for your company. Know more!

Storage without compromise - Fast, Efficient, Reliable, and Effortless

There’s no need to compromise anymore. Pure Storage FlashExpress Suite delivers enterprise-class storage that’s right-sized for your business today, with a non-disruptive upgrade path for the future. Simple to deploy and effortless to manage, FlashExpress Suite offers an exceptional out-of-the-box experience—for both you and your users.

  • FlashExpress Suite delivers effortless storage: The hardware, software, and cloud management experience are fully integrated to make everything just work, with no extra effort.
  • Self-managing and plug-and-play: Break free from tuning, tiering, pools, performance troubleshooting, planned downtime, and forklift upgrades.
    Workload consolidation: Run lean with an efficiency that’s typically two times better than competitor solutions. FlashExpress Suite helps save space, power, cooling, and costs. Consolidate your workloads safely with built-in QoS and consistent mixed-workload performance.
  • Built-in Purity Data Services: There’s nothing else to buy. Always-on deduplication, compression, encryption, and active-active synchronous replication keep your data always available and your array running efficiently.

What does it include?

Bundled product offering, inclusive:
• Array: FlashArray X20R2 (fully-featured, not a cut-down version)
• Capacity (raw): 11TB / 22TB / 45TB / 63TB
• Support: Silver ADV (Pure or ASP), NBD parts
• Cloud Block Store: 10 TiB licenses for 12 months
• Right Size Guarantee: 4 to 1 data reduction for 12 months*
• LYS: 30-day money-back guarantee

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