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What you need to know about the Flash Express Suite from Pure Storage?

What you need to know about the Flash Express Suite from Pure Storage?

The Flash Express Suite is a new bundled offering (array + software + support + Pure Cloud Block Store) aimed at making Pure Storage suitable for any organisation.

What's included with FlashExpress Suite?

FlashArray: X20R2
• Capacity: 11TB to 63TB RAW
• Support: Silver Advanced
• Cloud Block Store: 10 TIBs for 12 months
• Right Size Guarantee: 4:1 data reduction ratio for 12 months*
• LYS: 30-day money-back guarantee

* RSG term starts from date of shipment, effective capacity value excludes pre-compressed, pre-deduplicated & pre-encrypted data.

But what more do you have to know about Flash Express Suite before buying it? We will answer your questions in this blog post.

Who is the FlashExpress Suite for?

  • Customers using virtualisation – VMware, Hyper-V etc
  • Customers using database driven applications - SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SAP etc
  • Customers who have Virtual Desktops - VMware Horizon, Citrix XenDesktop
  • Customers who plan to use Hybrid Cloud capabilities
  • Customers trying to move away from 3 year rip and replace data migration cycles
  • SMB/Midrange storage customers requiring enterprise grade features (Performance, Availability, Zero RTO/RPO, Cloud Management)
  • Likely to be <1000 employees

A FlashExpress Suite bundle has the following advantages:

  • You have no risk - 4:1 RSG with no workload self-identification; (except for compressed/encrypted/de-duped data)
  • Pricing - We have done extensive research to ensure this bundle is priced competitively, and the right fit for your business needs with multiple options available to upgrade as your infrastructure grows;
  • Cloud Block Store (CBS) - All FES bundles come with 12 months of CBS, giving customers an ability to easily deploy hybrid services.

Want to know more about Pure Storage Flash Express Suite? Download now the FlashExpress Suite Data Sheet!


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