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How to avoid a ransomware attack with Cohesity

How to avoid a ransomware attack with Cohesity

A ransomware attack is characterized by an invasion of a data storage system that steals and encrypts this data, keeping access only to the hacker and asking for a ransom payment for the user to regain access. Preventing ransomware attacks through cybersecurity best practices and regular snapshots is the best option. Learn more on how to avoid a ransomware attack.

Simple and practical methods

As we mentioned above, you must take from the simplest to the most complex precautions against ransomware. Some of the most common methods to avoid an attack are:

• Keep the operating system and technology stack up to date to avoid known exploits and vulnerabilities;
• Invest in cybersecurity (such as InfoSec training, network security audits, and vulnerability testing);
• Control access to protect files and data through administrator rights and privilege management;
• Backing up files using regular snapshots and other data protection methods.

Cohesity can help you prevent an attack on your data with its services and support.

Cohesity effectively counters ransomware attacks and helps your organization avoid paying the ransom. Cohesity’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution features a multi-layered approach to protect backup data against ransomware, detect, and rapidly recover from an attack.

Cohesity’s unique immutable architecture ensures that your backup data cannot be encrypted, modified, or deleted. Using machine learning provides visibility and continuously monitors for any anomalies in your data. And if the worst happens, Cohesity helps to locate a clean copy of data across your global footprint, including public clouds, to instantly recover and reduce downtime.

Learn more about Cohesity Threat Defense here. 

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