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How your company can save energy with rising prices

How your company can save energy with rising prices

Since April 1, 2022, electricity bills across the UK are getting more expensive. That's because energy supply companies were able to increase bills by 54% after the new cap was introduced. According to a BBC news, a report from Investec bank warned that bills could reach £3,000 a year.

Unfortunately, this is an expense that we will have to face. There is no way to work in the IT sector without electricity. 

The Datacentre is always on, meaning constant cooling and power costs which can often spiral beyond expectations.

You can look to more environmentally and financially sustainable solutions within the datacentre to reduce energy consumption (and your carbon footprint!)

Ethos Technology is committed to working with the best solutions on the market so that your company has practicality without excessive expenses, including your energy bill.

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