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Our Commitment to the Earth

Our Commitment to the Earth

Today, April 22nd, the world celebrates and remembers the importance of taking care of the planet on International Earth Day. The intention of this day is to reflect on the urgent initiatives that humanity needs to take to save the Earth and develop a sustainable conscience, aiming to reduce the negative impact of human actions on the environment.

We at Ethos Technology are proud to say that we are part of the commitment to the planet. We care about the future of our home.

As distributors of next generation technology, we carefully select who we work with to ensure our vendors care about the planet as much as we do.

Omar Galbraith, CEO of Ethos Technology, “our vendor solutions offer capacity efficient architecture based on modern data reduction technology that can accelerate the achievement of sustainability goals by reducing data centre footprints. In addition to cutting carbon emissions. Our vendors products are engineered to be lower power, lower cooling, and lower waste".

What does that mean?

All the solutions we represent are helping the world's green initiative.
Even with cloud computing it still requires hardware to work, but this is about how to use this hardware to make improvements for our users and still be helping the Earth.

How are our vendor's solutions helping the planet?

• They consolidate the need for a large hardware infrastructure that attracts large power and cooling needs
• They scale by node instead of buying big to grow
• Deduplication is more efficient as your data is deduplicated on a single platform instead of multiple platforms that are implemented for a specific function that could be run on the same infrastructure to save cost, maintenance, and energy needs
• They are smaller than other solutions available, but still, have a bigger impact!
• They help you understand where your data is so you can consolidate and reduce infrastructure needs
• We can even help you move your data to a greener location
• Some of our suppliers are also green in colour or match the green colour with some cool integration!

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