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Improve your relationship with your user keeping their data safe

Improve your relationship with your user keeping their data safe

We are always thinking about growing our business more and more. We want successful business with many customers and users, many sales, and reach the whole world with what we do. The main point of this success is the relationship with the customer, the one that can destroy your image or improve it more and more through referrals.

After the Cambridge Analytics scandal, Edward Snowden, and the creation of the general data protection law (GDPR), people started to consider the security of their data one of the points that make them consume and indicate companies.

With this we have reached the point that if you do not keep your customers' data safe, these customers will not be happy. They will be subject to attacks and unprotected. After all, data is not just data data is people.

Also, we talk about systems that work through data stored somewhere. If this data is not secure, even if not reported directly to your customers, it can bring you a big headache. Imagine that you suffer a ransomware attack, and your system stops working due to data loss. Your customers are automatically unable to use your service, which would cause hysteria and anger, which could lead you to lose millions by losing these people.

We've seen cases like Colonial Pipeline who had their services interrupted because of an attack. We don't want that to happen to us, right?

To have a good relationship with your customers (and not have to pay an unspeakable fine for violating the GDPR), having a good data security system against ransomware, backups, and data recovery is essential.

Download the Cohesity Ransomware Readiness here to know more about how you can keep your data safe.

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