Compuverde 2017 highlights


Highlights Include 62 Percent Expansion of Customer Storage and First Five Petabyte Deal.

As storage demands continue to rise, businesses are seeking a unified storage solution that will scale rapidly while delivering performance and reliability at reduced costs. The majority of Compuverde customers have expanded storage by 62 percent in the past year, demonstrating the company’s strong position for the paradigm shift currently taking place in the storage industry.

Highlights for 2017 include:

  • Widespread vertical industry adoption of Compuverde’s unified storage offering, including: global finance, broadcast corporations, post-production companies, institutes, universities, oil & mining, broadcasting houses, service providers and telcos, and security & video surveillance
  • Average dollar figure of deployments has grown 533 percent year over year in 2017
  • Average deployment in petabytes has grown 261 percent year over year last year as well
  • A 2 PB deal for an autonomous car project launched in 2017, and Compuverde delivered its first 5 PB deal

Compuverde is a hardware-agnostic, feature-laden, software-defined solution that is fully flash compliant and provides businesses looking to expand their storage capacity with the following benefits:

  • Efficiency – Data is stored more efficiently, not in silos, and with automated orchestration
  • Reduced complexity – A flexible, agile solution with one unified management screen
  • Affordability – Up to 90 percent lower total cost of ownership than other storage options


Carl-Henric Möllerström, VP, Compuverde, said:

“I strongly believe that company growth will continue in 2018 according to the pace set in 2017. We know we have the most mature software-defined storage product on the market and we deliver a very unique approach, by never taking any shortcuts in terms of development. There is no open-source or third party product, everything is built from the ground-up. Of course it takes time to lay the foundation, but once the hard part is done you have a fantastic journey, which is what we are experiencing now."


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