Simple Converged Data Protection


Cohesity DataProtect eliminates data protection silos by converging all your backup infrastructure on the Cohesity scale-out platform.

Simplify management with a single UI and policy-based automation. Accelerate your recovery points and recovery times while cutting data protection costs by 50%. Integrate with all the leading public clouds for archival, tiering and replication.

cohesity data protection


Beyond Data Protection: Make Your Data Productive

Data is valuable, so Cohesity puts your backups to productive use; once data is protected on Cohesity, it can be used for:

  • Disaster recovery: Replicate data to a second off-site cluster for disaster recovery; support instant recovery of large multi-VM environments
  • Public cloud integration: Use the public cloud for long-term archival, tiering and replication
  • Test/dev: Provision test/dev copies on-demand to accelerate software updates and development processes
  • Analytics: Perform in-place, custom analytics to identify sensitive information or derive insights from your backup data


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For more information contact our sales team at Ethos Technology via: or 01295675867.

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