Slow, expensive legacy network? Time to make the switch!


Are you looking for a more cost-effective alternative to your legacy network technology vendors?

Our customers are implementing next-gen SDN strategies with Big Switch solutions. Big Switch Networks was named a visionary in Gartner's 2017 Data Center Networking Magic Quadrant.

Big Switch Networks offers two main solutions:

  • Big Monitoring Fabric: A next-generation network packet broker, delivering pervasive visibility and security for today’s data centers.
  • Big Cloud Fabric: Is the next-gen data center switching fabric delivering operational velocity, network automation and visibility for cloud-native applications and software-defined data centers, while staying within flat IT Budgets.

Companies such as Dubai Municipality, Intuit, U2Cloud, F500 financial services company, F20 oil & gas corporation and many others are using Big Switch technologies to scale their business infrastructures.

The results are compelling:

  • Implementing Big Mon Fabric, the speed of standard network operations at a largest enterprise telecom company improved by 51-75%.
  • Making the switch reduced appliance costs by 50% for a Fortune 20 Energy & Petroleum company.
  • Dubai Municipality:
    • Increased network performance, speed and bandwidth: Increased switching speed by 42x increased backbone capacity by 16x
    • Reduced overall infrastructure size
    • Enhanced Performance by connecting everything to the Core (BCF Controller)
    • Combined 3 Physical Datacenter to 1 Logical Cloud, reducing physical and logical migrations costs by 90%

If security, automation, scalability, and visibility are critical to your success then get in contact with our sales team at Ethos Technology via: or 01295 675 867.

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