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How not to be financially impacted by a ransomware attack?

When we talk about ransomware attacks, we soon know that we are talking about a high financial impact on the company in addition to the loss of important data. Ransom payment is not always the only impact we have, as we have already talked about the worst ransomware attacks, it often impacts sales, lack of consumer/user trust, process interruption, etc. All this means losing money and we don't want that. In 2021, the average ransomware payment was over half a million dollars. Along with that increase of about $200,000, insurance companies have increased their rates by 92% as well. So we need solutions that prevent the attack and help us not to be financially impacted by being attacked if that happens. Pure Storage has written 5 tips on how to minimize these costs that we bring today. Back up your data and test your backups frequently. If you've taken an offsite...

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