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5 Ways Next-Gen Data Management Boosts Cyber Resiliency

Data is under attack. The 1,070% year-over-year uptick in ransomware threats proves it1. And today’s bad actors aren’t just encrypting data. They’re destroying backups and exfiltrating data so they can profit and damage brand reputations at the same time. That’s increasing the ransomware blast radius. Don’t let ransomware attackers win. Instead, fortify your environment and improve your response strategy with five next-gen data management powers. 1. Protect your backup data and systemLegacy backup isn’t architected to defend data against ransomware. That’s why companies still pay ransom. What’s needed is data safeguards built into your backup that help preserve customer trust and competitive edge. Look for a solution with native immutable backup snapshots because those can’t be encrypted, modified or deleted, protecting the authenticity of your data. Gain additional layers of protection by ensuring your backup has rules such as software-based write once, read many (WORM) with time-bound, data policy locks and...

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Can You Tell if Your Data Recovery is Predictable

Whether you’ve been hit with a ransomware attack or an internal mishap (malicious or human error), when disaster strikes, it’s critical to quickly recover from data loss. The question is: if a disaster were to happen today, could you predictably recover your backup data—when and where you need it—withouT compromise? The ability to ensure predictable recovery gives you confidence in meeting your SLAs and in the resiliency of your organization. To assess your readiness for achieving predictable recovery, ask yourself these questionS based on a framework of core recovery attributes. 1. Can you meet your predefined backup SLAs?Failed backup jobs and long backup windows that constantly bleed into production time can force compromise. This is because it becomes more convenient to skip the protection of some mission critical data. However, data that is not protected cannot be recovered. If you are unable to complete your backups successfully, how can you meet...

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How to avoid a ransomware attack with Cohesity

A ransomware attack is characterized by an invasion of a data storage system that steals and encrypts this data, keeping access only to the hacker and asking for a ransom payment for the user to regain access. Preventing ransomware attacks through cybersecurity best practices and regular snapshots is the best option. Learn more on how to avoid a ransomware attack. Simple and practical methods As we mentioned above, you must take from the simplest to the most complex precautions against ransomware. Some of the most common methods to avoid an attack are: • Keep the operating system and technology stack up to date to avoid known exploits and vulnerabilities;• Invest in cybersecurity (such as InfoSec training, network security audits, and vulnerability testing);• Control access to protect files and data through administrator rights and privilege management;• Backing up files using regular snapshots and other data protection methods. Cohesity can help you prevent...

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How can healthcare keep their data protected?

We've talked here before about frequent attacks on the health area and how important it is to always be aware of data protection, especially in this area (but not only there). Unfortunately, the truth is that many healthcare organizations are not taking all the necessary steps to prevent or deal with ransomware attacks. Today we decided to make this post so that more organizations can take the necessary precautions and learn how modern data protection features can help them to be more resilient before, during and after an attack. How to keep healthcare data safe Some practices are recommended to maintain cyber health security so that we can always stay ahead of the threats that are constantly evolving threatening the privacy and data protection of patients and healthcare professionals.Among the most common methods such as backup and encryption, we have others such as: Restricting access to data and apps We can...

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Build a green data centre with Pure FlashArray

Unfortunately, the global growth of data centres caused a certain environmental impact, which makes us think more about sustainability because the organisations are under pressure to make better choices about the planet. Companies like Google has aggressive goals like not using any more carbon-emitting energy 24/7 until 2030. How are these goals achieved? Reducing the space inside of the data centres and offsetting carbon footprints with renewable energy. To help your company to reduce its carbon footprint and be a sustainable organisation for the world, Pure Storage shared in a post some ways of how they can help. See below: Green Values The power consumption costs green—and lots of it. When it comes to the company’s bottom line, it’s difficult to uncouple money from the drive to “go green.” Whatever the reason that drives executives to make a change for a greener, more sustainable data centre, everyone wins. Increased Performance with...

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