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How your company can save energy with rising prices

Since April 1, 2022, electricity bills across the UK are getting more expensive. That's because energy supply companies were able to increase bills by 54% after the new cap was introduced. According to a BBC news, a report from Investec bank warned that bills could reach £3,000 a year.Unfortunately, this is an expense that we will have to face. There is no way to work in the IT sector without electricity. The Datacentre is always on, meaning constant cooling and power costs which can often spiral beyond expectations.You can look to more environmentally and financially sustainable solutions within the datacentre to reduce energy consumption (and your carbon footprint!)Ethos Technology is committed to working with the best solutions on the market so that your company has practicality without excessive expenses, including your energy bill. Know more about our vendors: Pure Storage Cohesity Panzura Hitachi Vantara Fortanix DataCore DataDobi Cirrus Data Get in touch...

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Our Commitment to the Earth

Today, April 22nd, the world celebrates and remembers the importance of taking care of the planet on International Earth Day. The intention of this day is to reflect on the urgent initiatives that humanity needs to take to save the Earth and develop a sustainable conscience, aiming to reduce the negative impact of human actions on the environment. We at Ethos Technology are proud to say that we are part of the commitment to the planet. We care about the future of our home. As distributors of next generation technology, we carefully select who we work with to ensure our vendors care about the planet as much as we do. Omar Galbraith, CEO of Ethos Technology, “our vendor solutions offer capacity efficient architecture based on modern data reduction technology that can accelerate the achievement of sustainability goals by reducing data centre footprints. In addition to cutting carbon emissions. Our vendors products...

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AI, Machine Learning, Cloud and 5G are the technologies of 2022

 Studies indicate that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and 5G will be the principal technologies throughout this year. The 2021 research by the IEEE, a professional technical organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, involved more than 350 directors of technology, information, and IT, to discuss technology prospects for 2022. 21% of experts point to AI and Machine Learning as the top technology highlights for 2022, followed by Cloud Computing (20%) and 5G (17%). Of all participants, 95% agree that AI will drive the most innovation in almost every industry sector in the next five years. As for the impacts of this advanced technology on the market, the prospects are a bit interesting. According to Raul Colcher, “Many areas will be strongly impacted, such as the health sector, with the possibility of remote surgery with robots. It demands requirements on telecommunication networks, and 5G meets these requirements better than previous technologies.” Clearly, as technology advances,...

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Pure Storage is named by the Data Break Through Awards as the Overall Data Technology Company of the Year

The criteria used for the nomination always revolve around the principal question: “How does your company or product break the competitive data market"? According to the Data Break Through Awards website, "All award nominations are fully reviewed, evaluated and scored by our expert judges, representing a blend of technical, commercial, academic and marketing expertise within the industry". All entries are judged according to how innovative, active, friendly, functional, valuable, and impactful the company is. Pure Storage, winner of the Overall Data Technology Company of the Year category, passed all criteria. It is a pleasure to be a Pure Storage Distributor. Learn more about Pure Storage.  

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Investments in cloud data storage exceeded 70 billion dollars

Did you know that in 2021, investments in cloud data storage exceeded 70 billion dollars? This is an 8.8% increase compared to 2020. Investments in traditional on-premises storage grew by 4.2% in comparison for the same period, reaching a total of $59.6 billion.The expectation is that by 2022, cloud investments will exceed $90 billion while traditional investments will fall in percentage.   How will your storage requirements evolve? Contact us to know more about the solutions we can offer to you!

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