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How can healthcare keep their data protected?

We've talked here before about frequent attacks on the health area and how important it is to always be aware of data protection, especially in this area (but not only there). Unfortunately, the truth is that many healthcare organizations are not taking all the necessary steps to prevent or deal with ransomware attacks. Today we decided to make this post so that more organizations can take the necessary precautions and learn how modern data protection features can help them to be more resilient before, during and after an attack. How to keep healthcare data safe Some practices are recommended to maintain cyber health security so that we can always stay ahead of the threats that are constantly evolving threatening the privacy and data protection of patients and healthcare professionals.Among the most common methods such as backup and encryption, we have others such as: Restricting access to data and apps We can...

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The importance of protecting your company's data

Before the possibility of storing data on digital storage devices and the cloud, companies were already suffering from the loss of physical files – either through damage or theft. That's why there is a concern to keep data safe. Understand more about why you need to protect your data, especially these days. If you protect your data, you protect your intellectual property Companies of all sizes, whether multinational or SMB, all run the risk of having their products, services, or ideas disrespected by exposure of stolen data. Data protection solutions are key to protecting an organisations intellectual property from ransomware attack, providing a last line of defence. Data protection is an integral part an organisations core IT services. Data protection helps you grow as a business “I still don't have a very well-known company, so it doesn't matter. Right?" Wrong! The growth of your business starts to grow when you start...

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Improve your relationship with your user keeping their data safe

We are always thinking about growing our business more and more. We want successful business with many customers and users, many sales, and reach the whole world with what we do. The main point of this success is the relationship with the customer, the one that can destroy your image or improve it more and more through referrals. After the Cambridge Analytics scandal, Edward Snowden, and the creation of the general data protection law (GDPR), people started to consider the security of their data one of the points that make them consume and indicate companies. With this we have reached the point that if you do not keep your customers' data safe, these customers will not be happy. They will be subject to attacks and unprotected. After all, data is not just data data is people. Also, we talk about systems that work through data stored somewhere. If this data is...

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Cohesity Backup Solutions

Nowadays having data protection together with backup, helps to easily recover them in case something happens, and is indispensable for companies that do not want to suffer attacks on their Infrastructure, which we believe is the case of your company. To prevent attacks, create backups, and keep it safe you need a reliable solution like the one Cohesity offers. What is backup? Backup is the process of duplicating data and storing it in a secure place in case of loss or damage. Ideally, this backup copy (often called a snapshot) is immutable, meaning it cannot be altered after it is created to protect against mutations such as ransomware. We have 3 types of backups: Full backups – The most basic and complete type of backup. As the name implies, this type of backup makes a copy of all data to a storage device, such as a disk or tape. The primary...

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