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5 Ways Next-Gen Data Management Boosts Cyber Resiliency

Data is under attack. The 1,070% year-over-year uptick in ransomware threats proves it1. And today’s bad actors aren’t just encrypting data. They’re destroying backups and exfiltrating data so they can profit and damage brand reputations at the same time. That’s increasing the ransomware blast radius. Don’t let ransomware attackers win. Instead, fortify your environment and improve your response strategy with five next-gen data management powers. 1. Protect your backup data and systemLegacy backup isn’t architected to defend data against ransomware. That’s why companies still pay ransom. What’s needed is data safeguards built into your backup that help preserve customer trust and competitive edge. Look for a solution with native immutable backup snapshots because those can’t be encrypted, modified or deleted, protecting the authenticity of your data. Gain additional layers of protection by ensuring your backup has rules such as software-based write once, read many (WORM) with time-bound, data policy locks and...

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5 Ways Cohesity Empowers Global System Integrators to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Did you know that 44% of organisations report having non-planned and inefficient data management? It is true! A study from Everest Group Research showed recently that this is one of the top challenges when we are talking about cloud transformation journeys for companies. It happens when organisations don't have all the necessary support that they need and end up having fragmented systems, which is not a good thing when we speak about data security. Although Cohesity made it possible to change this cycle! Learn 5 ways that Cohesity presented the benefits of digital transformation and how they can help you to accelerate it keeping your data protected, consolidated, repurposed, secured, analysed, governed, and preserved throughout. The GSI-ready platform supports seamless solution integration Cohesity modernises data centre architecture, extends to the cloud, and helps organisations develop for the cloud. The Cohesity flexible, GSI-ready platform is simple at scale, making it easy to...

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How to deal with the complexity of managing data in a multi-cloud world?

Did you know that basically everything we do within our companies generates data? It seems like an obvious question but many companies today are still just generating and receiving data without managing it properly. The reason behind this is that data management has become too expensive and too complex. If we look at an overview, we can see why everything is complex. Cohesity considers the main points for this to be constant storage in silos, whether in disparate locations and products, on-site and in clouds. Also the overload on IT teams that end up getting disconnected solutions; a product for backup and recovery, another for security, data governance, disaster recovery, file and object services, data analysis and a considerable amount more. Today we bring you some tips on how you can deal with the complexity of data management with the help of Cohesity. Simplify your system What businesses and users need...

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A data center can cost up to $1.4 million a year in energy – How can you reduce costs?

The more data demand your business has, the more expensive your data center energy costs can be. A survey conducted in December 2021 showed that a data center can cost up to 1.4 million dollars annually. This number is expected to grow as demand for the internet increases and evolves and this has several implications. Not only is there long-term damage to the environment from using non-renewable energy sources, but data center operators also have to deal with rising energy bills every year. How can you reduce your data center power consumption? Our commitment to the environment and your company at Ethos Technology is to work with state-of-the-art technology providers who have the same concerns and values ​​as us. Pure Storage, for example, designs products that help reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption and maintain the same product quality, speed, and ability to work. Contact us and learn more about how...

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What is Cohesity Threat Defense?

With the rise of ransomware extortion tactics, we find ourselves increasingly in a minefield when it comes to cyber security. Every day we are subject to an attack and it is up to us basically to be prepared to deal with it. Having cyber insurance, a zero-trust strategy, and a good backup and recovery system is essential these days, but not always enough. That's why Cohesity developed the Threat Defense Architecture that follows and goes beyond zero confidence to help organizations achieve cyber resilience. Cohesity Threat Defense The Threat Defense architecture is designed to help you improve cyber resilience and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. The main pillars of threat defense are: Data resiliency Your data drives your business and must be able to withstand any failures that may occur, including hardware issues, system or software corruption, human error, natural disasters, or ransomware. Immutability The foundation of Cohesity is SpanFS, a...

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