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5 Ways Cohesity Empowers Global System Integrators to Accelerate Digital Transformation

5 Ways Cohesity Empowers Global System Integrators to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Did you know that 44% of organisations report having non-planned and inefficient data management? It is true! A study from Everest Group Research showed recently that this is one of the top challenges when we are talking about cloud transformation journeys for companies.

It happens when organisations don't have all the necessary support that they need and end up having fragmented systems, which is not a good thing when we speak about data security. Although Cohesity made it possible to change this cycle! Learn 5 ways that Cohesity presented the benefits of digital transformation and how they can help you to accelerate it keeping your data protected, consolidated, repurposed, secured, analysed, governed, and preserved throughout.

The GSI-ready platform supports seamless solution integration

Cohesity modernises data centre architecture, extends to the cloud, and helps organisations develop for the cloud. The Cohesity flexible, GSI-ready platform is simple at scale, making it easy to integrate with GSI solution frameworks to build repeatable solutions aligned to market opportunities.

As-a-Service offerings drive business differentiation

GSIs teaming with Cohesity deliver not just needed data infrastructure, but also valuable services to customers. They build profitable, as-a-service data and apps differentiation at lower costs—scaling as they grow, and customers consume. From one platform, they deliver a rich catalogue of dedicated or shared next-gen data management services across multi-clouds.

Unified global management boosts visibility

Gain or give clients unprecedented global access, visibility, and control of data and applications across all Cohesity deployments—whether on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge with SaaS-based management from a single dashboard.

The modern solution lowers the total cost of ownership

Cohesity helps eliminate legacy silos with one, software-defined, hyperscale platform on a wide range of certified servers from Cisco, HPE, Dell, and more. As a result, GSIs can help customers cut TCO by up to 50% and also offer OpEx-based commercial models for financial flexibility.

Flexible offering empowers GSIs to increase profitability and drive data monetization

Cohesity-authorized GSI partners can increase profitability by boosting operational excellence and efficiencies. Because the Cohesity next-gen data management platform features third-party extensibility, GSIs can unlock new revenue opportunities through the creation of new business services such as data integration, leveraging Cohesity Marketplace apps and industry-leading solutions to drive data monetization.

Learn more about how integrate Cohesity in your company (or costumers) contacting us today!

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