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What is Cohesity Threat Defense?

With the rise of ransomware extortion tactics, we find ourselves increasingly in a minefield when it comes to cyber security. Every day we are subject to an attack and it is up to us basically to be prepared to deal with it. Having cyber insurance, a zero-trust strategy, and a good backup and recovery system is essential these days, but not always enough. That's why Cohesity developed the Threat Defense Architecture that follows and goes beyond zero confidence to help organizations achieve cyber resilience. Cohesity Threat Defense The Threat Defense architecture is designed to help you improve cyber resilience and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. The main pillars of threat defense are: Data resiliency Your data drives your business and must be able to withstand any failures that may occur, including hardware issues, system or software corruption, human error, natural disasters, or ransomware. Immutability The foundation of Cohesity is SpanFS, a...

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