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5 Ways Next-Gen Data Management Boosts Cyber Resiliency

Data is under attack. The 1,070% year-over-year uptick in ransomware threats proves it1. And today’s bad actors aren’t just encrypting data. They’re destroying backups and exfiltrating data so they can profit and damage brand reputations at the same time. That’s increasing the ransomware blast radius. Don’t let ransomware attackers win. Instead, fortify your environment and improve your response strategy with five next-gen data management powers. 1. Protect your backup data and systemLegacy backup isn’t architected to defend data against ransomware. That’s why companies still pay ransom. What’s needed is data safeguards built into your backup that help preserve customer trust and competitive edge. Look for a solution with native immutable backup snapshots because those can’t be encrypted, modified or deleted, protecting the authenticity of your data. Gain additional layers of protection by ensuring your backup has rules such as software-based write once, read many (WORM) with time-bound, data policy locks and...

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The ransomware gang was building a crypto payment platform, a social network – and even had plans for a casino

A cyber attack gang called Conti had their files leaked that show what they planned to do with all the money they raised carrying out ransomware attacks on companies. Among the plans were to open a casino and create a new social network. The gang has extorted around 180 million dollars from companies since last year and had their scheme leaked by a cybersecurity researcher who infiltrated a dark web chat and brought up 60000 files of chat messages. The files show more than just the daily functioning of the group, how they carry out attacks, and so on. They also show what they intend to do in the future like cryptocurrency and social media schemes and expansion beyond corporate extortion. We always need to be prepared to protect ourselves from attacks like this gang. Unfortunately, as anti-ransomware systems evolve, they also evolve with their attacks. Choose as your cybersecurity and...

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The importance of protecting your company's data

Before the possibility of storing data on digital storage devices and the cloud, companies were already suffering from the loss of physical files – either through damage or theft. That's why there is a concern to keep data safe. Understand more about why you need to protect your data, especially these days. If you protect your data, you protect your intellectual property Companies of all sizes, whether multinational or SMB, all run the risk of having their products, services, or ideas disrespected by exposure of stolen data. Data protection solutions are key to protecting an organisations intellectual property from ransomware attack, providing a last line of defence. Data protection is an integral part an organisations core IT services. Data protection helps you grow as a business “I still don't have a very well-known company, so it doesn't matter. Right?" Wrong! The growth of your business starts to grow when you start...

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What have F1 and IT in common?

In the IT area and Technology, tests are done every day to improve the user experience and ensure the security and usability of stored data. These tests can reveal a system's strengths and weaknesses and allow you to make improvements. In the world of F1, things work the same way. The tests also done are just as important as for the IT. Pre-season testing generates piles of data that teams use throughout the season to tune cars. And, just like the IT practical tests, the tests' weekend in F1 also allows you to better analyze the performance of what was developed. Learn more about Formula 1 2022 testing in this blog post by Pure Storage.

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Lies Told About Data Storage

Data storage can be expensive and time consuming to manage. Public cloud storage removes the management of the hardware but brings other complexities, not to mention security issues. When you have Pure Storage and Cohesity on your side, many of these headaches can be overcome. Today we are going to demystify some of the stories that are told about data storage! To have good Data Storage, you need a big IT team… With Pure Storage & Cohesity, simplicity is the name of the game. With both vendors providing physical & virtualised solutions, a true hybrid cloud solution can be achieved. You don’t need to increase the number of IT staff, as telemetry is monitored by the vendor, providing a proactive support experience. Your team, large or small, can be more productive and worry less. To have good Data Storage you, have to pay over the odds... As the public cloud has shown, paying for what...

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