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How to deal with the complexity of managing data in a multi-cloud world?

Did you know that basically everything we do within our companies generates data? It seems like an obvious question but many companies today are still just generating and receiving data without managing it properly. The reason behind this is that data management has become too expensive and too complex. If we look at an overview, we can see why everything is complex. Cohesity considers the main points for this to be constant storage in silos, whether in disparate locations and products, on-site and in clouds. Also the overload on IT teams that end up getting disconnected solutions; a product for backup and recovery, another for security, data governance, disaster recovery, file and object services, data analysis and a considerable amount more. Today we bring you some tips on how you can deal with the complexity of data management with the help of Cohesity. Simplify your system What businesses and users need...

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New ransomware alert

A new fake update for the Windows 10 operating system is instead hijacking computers with ransomware. The alert was raised at the beginning of this month and hundreds of people have already fallen victim to the scam, with millions more at risk. The name of the ransomware is Magniber, and once a computer has been infected, users are served a warning saying that all their files have been encrypted. For now, the victims are students and non-professional users, but what about the future? It can be a threat even for companies, like other attacks that happened before. Be protected, discover how our vendors can help you to keep your data safe. Contact us now!

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What is Ransomware

What could be worse than a hacker breaking into the entire data system of your company and taking everything from you? Certainly a hacker breaking into your data system and asking for a ransom to bring your data back. And in case you don't pay the ransom, you could lose everything. The name of this type of cyber attack is ransomware, and it can be a big problem for you and your business if you don't have adequate protection. How a ransomware attack happens What makes ransomware so difficult to detect is because it is always very ‘masked’. This malware can be installed on your computer via malicious websites, suspicious links via email, or installation of vulnerable apps. Ransomware can also appear in links sent by social networks, wildly used to spread viruses today. Once downloaded and opened, a malicious program installs itself and takes control of your data storage. One...

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Lies Told About Data Storage

Data storage can be expensive and time consuming to manage. Public cloud storage removes the management of the hardware but brings other complexities, not to mention security issues. When you have Pure Storage and Cohesity on your side, many of these headaches can be overcome. Today we are going to demystify some of the stories that are told about data storage! To have good Data Storage, you need a big IT team… With Pure Storage & Cohesity, simplicity is the name of the game. With both vendors providing physical & virtualised solutions, a true hybrid cloud solution can be achieved. You don’t need to increase the number of IT staff, as telemetry is monitored by the vendor, providing a proactive support experience. Your team, large or small, can be more productive and worry less. To have good Data Storage you, have to pay over the odds... As the public cloud has shown, paying for what...

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