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Lies Told About Data Storage

lies told about data storage

Data storage can be expensive and time consuming to manage. Public cloud storage removes the management of the hardware but brings other complexities, not to mention security issues. When you have Pure Storage and Cohesity on your side, many of these headaches can be overcome. Today we are going to demystify some of the stories that are told about data storage!

To have good Data Storage, you need a big IT team…

With Pure Storage & Cohesity, simplicity is the name of the game. With both vendors providing physical & virtualised solutions, a true hybrid cloud solution can be achieved. You don’t need to increase the number of IT staff, as telemetry is monitored by the vendor, providing a proactive support experience. Your team, large or small, can be more productive and worry less.

To have good Data Storage you, have to pay over the odds...
As the public cloud has shown, paying for what you use is more cost effective, than upfront costs for capacity that you may use. With Pure Storage, you have option to sign up for “Pure-as-a-Service”. A yearly subscription, incorporating any of their technologies, eliminating capex and over provisioning, for a more cloud like consumption model.


Your data in the cloud is the cloud providers responsibility…
A lot of people think that backing up their cloud data is not required, as the cloud provider hosts the infrastructure.
Wrong, the public cloud is a “shared responsibility” model. The cloud provider looks after the hardware, patching & connectivity. The data within that infrastructure is the customers responsibility.
Being able to recover from a ransomware attack or a corrupted database is a major requirement. Cohesity provides an immutable storage platform to securely retain your data, giving you fast recovery SLAs and a global search facility so you can always find and recover your data.

It's time to bring your data to a safer, simpler & easier to manage solution. 

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