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What is DataWeb?

You've probably heard the term web 3.0 or Data web. Web 3.0 is the evolution of how society deals with the internet and interacts through it, that is, it is a new global trend of behavior connected full-time to the internet. We'll explain more about web 3.0, or data web, in this post and show how it changes the whole way we look at data going forward. First, what came before web 3.0 Just like we have the historical leaps like the French revolution, the modern age, etc. The internet also has its leaps in history and this started in the mid-'80s when it was created. This period is called web 1.0, which relates to the period when websites had static pages and only companies had access to propagate information. This changed a little with the beginning of web 2.0, a leap that was made around the 2000s when we used...

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How to have a more agile IT Infrastructure?

These days we cannot afford not to be prepared to deal with anything and everything that can happen within our IT structure. With ransomware attacks happening every day, the development of system improvements, updates, etc., we need to have a more agile and easier to deal with IT infrastructure. Many companies are now focused on scaling IT operations using improved and more automated infrastructures, transforming the use of technology, and enabling projects to be delivered faster and more innovatively within the business. For your company to become a leader, you will need to adopt better infrastructures. But how? In this post, we will help you with that. Become a technology-oriented company There are two ways companies deal with new technologies. The first is just buying the technologies without evaluating or planning how to use them. The second is to assess, understand and plan how to use new technology to grow. Companies...

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A data center can cost up to $1.4 million a year in energy – How can you reduce costs?

The more data demand your business has, the more expensive your data center energy costs can be. A survey conducted in December 2021 showed that a data center can cost up to 1.4 million dollars annually. This number is expected to grow as demand for the internet increases and evolves and this has several implications. Not only is there long-term damage to the environment from using non-renewable energy sources, but data center operators also have to deal with rising energy bills every year. How can you reduce your data center power consumption? Our commitment to the environment and your company at Ethos Technology is to work with state-of-the-art technology providers who have the same concerns and values ​​as us. Pure Storage, for example, designs products that help reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption and maintain the same product quality, speed, and ability to work. Contact us and learn more about how...

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Smart Cities: What They Are and Why They Are Data-Driven

You've probably heard the term Smart Cities referring to technology-powered cities. Today, we will explain more about the term and how it will affect the future. What are smart cities? Smart cities are cities that use data analysis and technology to improve services for citizens, such as public health systems, urban planning, improved traffic, and sustainability among other things. A famous smart city that we can use as an example is the city of Busan, South Korea, which has been building the ideal smart city from scratch. For this, they are doing tests with 54 families who have provided their data for the research that helps in the analysis of data for the creation and improvement of the systems. Despite being a pretty cool case to watch, Busan isn't the only smart city to be built. Why data is so important for smart cities Data collection starts with the consent of...

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The importance of protecting your company's data

Before the possibility of storing data on digital storage devices and the cloud, companies were already suffering from the loss of physical files – either through damage or theft. That's why there is a concern to keep data safe. Understand more about why you need to protect your data, especially these days. If you protect your data, you protect your intellectual property Companies of all sizes, whether multinational or SMB, all run the risk of having their products, services, or ideas disrespected by exposure of stolen data. Data protection solutions are key to protecting an organisations intellectual property from ransomware attack, providing a last line of defence. Data protection is an integral part an organisations core IT services. Data protection helps you grow as a business “I still don't have a very well-known company, so it doesn't matter. Right?" Wrong! The growth of your business starts to grow when you start...

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