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A data center can cost up to $1.4 million a year in energy – How can you reduce costs?

The more data demand your business has, the more expensive your data center energy costs can be. A survey conducted in December 2021 showed that a data center can cost up to 1.4 million dollars annually. This number is expected to grow as demand for the internet increases and evolves and this has several implications. Not only is there long-term damage to the environment from using non-renewable energy sources, but data center operators also have to deal with rising energy bills every year. How can you reduce your data center power consumption? Our commitment to the environment and your company at Ethos Technology is to work with state-of-the-art technology providers who have the same concerns and values ​​as us. Pure Storage, for example, designs products that help reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption and maintain the same product quality, speed, and ability to work. Contact us and learn more about how...

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