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Build a green data centre with Pure FlashArray

Unfortunately, the global growth of data centres caused a certain environmental impact, which makes us think more about sustainability because the organisations are under pressure to make better choices about the planet. Companies like Google has aggressive goals like not using any more carbon-emitting energy 24/7 until 2030. How are these goals achieved? Reducing the space inside of the data centres and offsetting carbon footprints with renewable energy. To help your company to reduce its carbon footprint and be a sustainable organisation for the world, Pure Storage shared in a post some ways of how they can help. See below: Green Values The power consumption costs green—and lots of it. When it comes to the company’s bottom line, it’s difficult to uncouple money from the drive to “go green.” Whatever the reason that drives executives to make a change for a greener, more sustainable data centre, everyone wins. Increased Performance with...

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What you need to know about the Flash Express Suite from Pure Storage?

The Flash Express Suite is a new bundled offering (array + software + support + Pure Cloud Block Store) aimed at making Pure Storage suitable for any organisation. What's included with FlashExpress Suite? • FlashArray: X20R2• Capacity: 11TB to 63TB RAW• Support: Silver Advanced• Cloud Block Store: 10 TIBs for 12 months• Right Size Guarantee: 4:1 data reduction ratio for 12 months*• LYS: 30-day money-back guarantee * RSG term starts from date of shipment, effective capacity value excludes pre-compressed, pre-deduplicated & pre-encrypted data. But what more do you have to know about Flash Express Suite before buying it? We will answer your questions in this blog post. Who is the FlashExpress Suite for? Customers using virtualisation – VMware, Hyper-V etcCustomers using database driven applications - SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SAP etcCustomers who have Virtual Desktops - VMware Horizon, Citrix XenDesktopCustomers who plan to use Hybrid Cloud capabilitiesCustomers trying to move away...

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Discover Pure Storage's new FlashExpress Suite

Pure Storage has announced its newest Bundle service, the FlashExpress Suite. It is a package that brings together Support, Hardware, and the cloud in one place with security and much more practicality for your company. Know more! Storage without compromise - Fast, Efficient, Reliable, and Effortless There’s no need to compromise anymore. Pure Storage FlashExpress Suite delivers enterprise-class storage that’s right-sized for your business today, with a non-disruptive upgrade path for the future. Simple to deploy and effortless to manage, FlashExpress Suite offers an exceptional out-of-the-box experience—for both you and your users. FlashExpress Suite delivers effortless storage: The hardware, software, and cloud management experience are fully integrated to make everything just work, with no extra effort.Self-managing and plug-and-play: Break free from tuning, tiering, pools, performance troubleshooting, planned downtime, and forklift upgrades.Workload consolidation: Run lean with an efficiency that’s typically two times better than competitor solutions. FlashExpress Suite helps save space, power, cooling,...

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5 reasons to have Pure Storage as your data storage supplier

Data is part of every step of creating services and products, and without them, your company would probably not be working. To grow more and more as a company, you need a good data storage provider that is functional, agile and does not Spring surprise costs on you after a few months or years. Pure Storage has proven itself to be the fastest-growing data storage provider in the market. This growth has resulted in them being recognized by Gartner as a leader in the solid-state array market a lot. Find out in this post why you should consider Pure Storage as your data storage provider. First, Trust the innovative leader Pure has been a pioneer, from the all-flash data center to the latest data protection solutions and the Evergreen™ subscription model. Storage that is Evergreen® Pure Storage pioneered an entirely new storage ownership model called Evergreen Storage. With Evergreen you buy your...

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How Do F1 Engineers Use Data to Help Drivers Win Races?

Last weekend, George Russell took third place at the Spanish Grand Prix. To reach that podium, Russell needed more than just his driving skills. The Mercedes-AMG team has a great deal of credit for this podium, not only for the support and speed but also for the data analysis involved in a race like this, cause, after all, everything is #DrivenByData. Pure Storage talked about this in a blog post, explaining why data is so important and how they're supporting the Mercedes team in terms of data. Follow the summary below. Who are Formula 1 engineers, and what do they do? It's crucial to start with knowing that a Formula 1 team is not just about mechanics. There are a variety of engineers, analysts, IT professionals, mechanics, and electronics experts all working together to collect and analyze data and actions on the track and improve performance for subsequent races. The collection...

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