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Know your Flash

Flash storage is becoming the new normal to storage data. But, do you know the differences between MLC & QLC drives and why they differ in cost? MLC vs QLC At a very basic level, MLC & QLC differ in capacity, performance & reliability and there are varying costs in using a particular type of flash. Multi-level cells have half the storage capacity of Quad-level cells but don't think that makes them cheaper than QLC. On the contrary, the more storage capacity, the cheaper it will be, so MLCs are slightly more expensive than QLCs.On the other hand, QLC SSDs are generally less reliable than MLC SSDs, precisely because they have 16 different voltage levels compared to MLC's four. Check out this blog from the Magic Quadrant leader, Pure Storage, for more about the advantages & disadvantages of the different types of flash.

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What have F1 and IT in common?

In the IT area and Technology, tests are done every day to improve the user experience and ensure the security and usability of stored data. These tests can reveal a system's strengths and weaknesses and allow you to make improvements. In the world of F1, things work the same way. The tests also done are just as important as for the IT. Pre-season testing generates piles of data that teams use throughout the season to tune cars. And, just like the IT practical tests, the tests' weekend in F1 also allows you to better analyze the performance of what was developed. Learn more about Formula 1 2022 testing in this blog post by Pure Storage.

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Ramp Remote Teams with Storage-as-a-Service

Over the last few weeks, organisations everywhere have seen dramatic increases in the need to support more remote workers. For many, this has driven urgent and unbudgeted storage requirements to enhance the infrastructure needed for key applications and services. We’re all in this together. Starting today, Pure is making it easier for you to consume storage with a commitment to quick shipment, new remote installation options, and enhancements to Pure as-a-Service, their storage-as-a-service consumption model. Pure as-a-Service is now free for the first three months for new customers with a 12-month contract term of 50 TiB.They’re working around the clock to prepare arrays for quick shipment. They’re currently not experiencing inventory or supply chain issues, and we look forward to fulfilling your order quickly.Ethos is offering to have our technicians deliver a low-touch installation service to help you adhere to access limitations and shelter-in-place orders. The whole deployment process can be performed...

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UK Technology Distributor Adds Data Solutions Giant to its Portfolio Creating End-to-End Next Gen Enterprise Storage Capabilities

For immediate release: 10th July 2019 Ethos Technology, a value-add distributor which specialises in next generation software-defined technologies, has today announced it will be offering the latest solutions and capabilities from Pure Storage in the UK. This includes powerful, industry leading all-flash file and object storage, AI-ready infrastructure, innovative flash-to-flash-to-cloud (F2F2C) data protection solutions and hybrid cloud data services. Pure Storage is a data solutions leader which helps innovators build a better world with data. The company enables customers to quickly adopt next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help maximize the value of their data for competitive advantage. Its unique Evergreen model allows customers to deploy storage once and upgrade it in place over time as needed whether for capacity, density, performance or features, all without any downtime or performance impact. A 100% channel focused company, Pure has further strengthened its partner commitment with a dedicated distributor programme...

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