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5 Ways Cohesity Empowers Global System Integrators to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Did you know that 44% of organisations report having non-planned and inefficient data management? It is true! A study from Everest Group Research showed recently that this is one of the top challenges when we are talking about cloud transformation journeys for companies. It happens when organisations don't have all the necessary support that they need and end up having fragmented systems, which is not a good thing when we speak about data security. Although Cohesity made it possible to change this cycle! Learn 5 ways that Cohesity presented the benefits of digital transformation and how they can help you to accelerate it keeping your data protected, consolidated, repurposed, secured, analysed, governed, and preserved throughout. The GSI-ready platform supports seamless solution integration Cohesity modernises data centre architecture, extends to the cloud, and helps organisations develop for the cloud. The Cohesity flexible, GSI-ready platform is simple at scale, making it easy to...

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How to deal with the complexity of managing data in a multi-cloud world?

Did you know that basically everything we do within our companies generates data? It seems like an obvious question but many companies today are still just generating and receiving data without managing it properly. The reason behind this is that data management has become too expensive and too complex. If we look at an overview, we can see why everything is complex. Cohesity considers the main points for this to be constant storage in silos, whether in disparate locations and products, on-site and in clouds. Also the overload on IT teams that end up getting disconnected solutions; a product for backup and recovery, another for security, data governance, disaster recovery, file and object services, data analysis and a considerable amount more. Today we bring you some tips on how you can deal with the complexity of data management with the help of Cohesity. Simplify your system What businesses and users need...

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