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3 ways not to lose your data during a cyberattack

Every year we see unfortunate stories of ransomware attacks where companies lose money, data and potentially reputation. One of the most publicised incidents is the case of the North American oil pipeline, Colonial Pipeline, which caused panic in the purchase of fuel. A ransom of $4.4 million was eventually paid but much of it was recovered by the FBI. We are sure that no organisation wants to go through that. Today we bring you some simple ways to keep your data safe. First, do the basics! Have these essential and indispensable things to avoid losing your data in an attack: two-factor authentication, patch your systems and security monitoring. Always be cautious when clicking links in emails, socially engineered emails & spoofing may make an email look legit. Cybercriminals don't care if you are a big or small company, so always be cautious! Have a Backup! Preferably have a solution that provides...

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Lies Told About Data Storage

Data storage can be expensive and time consuming to manage. Public cloud storage removes the management of the hardware but brings other complexities, not to mention security issues. When you have Pure Storage and Cohesity on your side, many of these headaches can be overcome. Today we are going to demystify some of the stories that are told about data storage! To have good Data Storage, you need a big IT team… With Pure Storage & Cohesity, simplicity is the name of the game. With both vendors providing physical & virtualised solutions, a true hybrid cloud solution can be achieved. You don’t need to increase the number of IT staff, as telemetry is monitored by the vendor, providing a proactive support experience. Your team, large or small, can be more productive and worry less. To have good Data Storage you, have to pay over the odds... As the public cloud has shown, paying for what...

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Cohesity, a modern solution for Backup and Recovery

Cohesity, a modern solution for Backup and Recovery with native cloud integration for AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google. Hyperconverged Secondary Storage Converged Data ProtectionMulti-Cloud data fabricSub-5 Minutes RPO & instant RTOSupports Test/Dev & AnalyticsReference architecture with Cisco & HPE Cohesity is optimized for Cloud Native Cloud Tiering (elastic expansion into the cloud)Native Cloud Archive (replacing tape archives with cloud archives)Automation / Orchestration Friendly - 100% API First architectureEverything S/W Defined – Available as a VM on site or cloud VM (Azure or AWS)Data Protection as a service (No on-prem hardware required)Disaster Recovery as a service (hosted in Azure or AWS     To find out more and have an educational demo contact Ethos Technology via: or +44(0)1295675867.

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Simple Converged Data Protection

Cohesity DataProtect eliminates data protection silos by converging all your backup infrastructure on the Cohesity scale-out platform. Simplify management with a single UI and policy-based automation. Accelerate your recovery points and recovery times while cutting data protection costs by 50%. Integrate with all the leading public clouds for archival, tiering and replication.   Beyond Data Protection: Make Your Data Productive Data is valuable, so Cohesity puts your backups to productive use; once data is protected on Cohesity, it can be used for: Disaster recovery: Replicate data to a second off-site cluster for disaster recovery; support instant recovery of large multi-VM environmentsPublic cloud integration: Use the public cloud for long-term archival, tiering and replicationTest/dev: Provision test/dev copies on-demand to accelerate software updates and development processesAnalytics: Perform in-place, custom analytics to identify sensitive information or derive insights from your backup data     For more information contact our sales team at Ethos Technology...

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Cohesity looks to become Nutanix of secondary storage

Cohesity offers hyper-converged solution for secondary storage, while vendors like Nutanix and SimpliVity focus solely on primary storage While the likes of Nutanix and recently acquired SimpliVity are stealing the headlines when it comes to hyper convergence, California-based start-up Cohesity is addressing an area of the market that is... Read the full story   For more information contact us.

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