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New Borat malware could turn into ransomware, DDoS, and spy on PCs

A new malware has been identified as circulating and being sold to hackers, which is more dangerous than it appears. The 'virus' can become a tool for ransomware, DDoS attacks, and spying on computers and systems by recording audio and videos. Know more. A security company has identified this new remote access Trojan called Borat, like the Kazakh character played by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, as malware that "provides a dashboard for Threat Actors (TAs) to perform RAT activities and also has the option to compile the malware binary to perform DDoS and ransomware attacks on the victim's machine". How does it work? Borat works as a kind of malware toolbox, with several different functions that allow different cybercrimes to be carried out. In this way, the person responsible for the attack can modify, using simple commands, the damage caused by the malware on the victim's computer, as needed. From a...

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