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5 reasons to have Pure Storage as your data storage supplier

5 reasons to have Pure Storage as your data storage supplier

Data is part of every step of creating services and products, and without them, your company would probably not be working. To grow more and more as a company, you need a good data storage provider that is functional, agile and does not Spring surprise costs on you after a few months or years.

Pure Storage has proven itself to be the fastest-growing data storage provider in the market. This growth has resulted in them being recognized by Gartner as a leader in the solid-state array market a lot. Find out in this post why you should consider Pure Storage as your data storage provider.

First, Trust the innovative leader

Pure has been a pioneer, from the all-flash data center to the latest data protection solutions and the Evergreen subscription model.

Storage that is Evergreen®

Pure Storage pioneered an entirely new storage ownership model called Evergreen Storage. With Evergreen you buy your storage capacity just once and then scale and upgrade as needed, with no forklift upgrades. This model goes beyond the expectations of many storage managers who have grown accustomed to the traditional and expensive approach to dealing with Forklift upgrades, often involving hours or sometimes days of downtime.

All-Flash to the End

Forget the old hard disk storage, with Pure Storage (unlike other vendors) they focus exclusively on all-flash arrays.

Choose what fits you better

Pure offers Flash storage options that bring you more agility, but it also allows you to choose to have hybrid data storage, which means combining SSDs with public cloud storage that you already have.

Get the best experience

Pure offers a simple setup, effortless operations, and extensive integrations. But what differentiates Pure is the first-class treatment offered to customers and partners.

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