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Ethos Technology Adds Two New Complimentary Vendors to Their Best-of-Next-Gen Portfolio

You don’t get many days like this one, today we are officially launching not one, but two of our new vendor signings! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that we are moving away from our focused portfolio to a more broadline approach, these vendors both offer technology solutions which are compelling in their own right, and which also complement our existing offerings beautifully. They more than meet the Ethos’ brief of helping organisations create policy-defined infrastructures which are both feature rich and highly secure, whilst also being simple, flexible, and efficient. First off, we have a pioneer and global leader in Enterprise Data Automation – Io-Tahoe. Io-Tahoe’s platform creates “Smart Data” ready for DataOps, robotic process automation, AI and digital transformation, empowering Knowledge Workers to trust their data and achieve more. Their unique Smart Data Discovery and Data Catalog solutions make it simple for organisations to automatically discover and search all their...

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Ramp Remote Teams with Storage-as-a-Service

Over the last few weeks, organisations everywhere have seen dramatic increases in the need to support more remote workers. For many, this has driven urgent and unbudgeted storage requirements to enhance the infrastructure needed for key applications and services. We’re all in this together. Starting today, Pure is making it easier for you to consume storage with a commitment to quick shipment, new remote installation options, and enhancements to Pure as-a-Service, their storage-as-a-service consumption model. Pure as-a-Service is now free for the first three months for new customers with a 12-month contract term of 50 TiB.They’re working around the clock to prepare arrays for quick shipment. They’re currently not experiencing inventory or supply chain issues, and we look forward to fulfilling your order quickly.Ethos is offering to have our technicians deliver a low-touch installation service to help you adhere to access limitations and shelter-in-place orders. The whole deployment process can be performed...

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Has your IT infrastructure helped or hindered your businesses reaction to COVID-19?

Here at Ethos Towers we frequently reference our core infrastructure design principles (they’re practically a mission statement): SimplicityFlexibilityEfficiency These key areas are central to how we approach all problems and solutions, and of how the technologies in our portfolio differentiate themselves in the marketplace. With everything that’s going on, for many of us these principles have never been so important. Cloud has certainly helped. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings like Office 365, Salesforce and ServiceNow mean we can access some core platforms from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. SaaS is specifically designed to scale to meet demand so if suddenly all staff need to work from home meaning more concurrent connections, more bandwidth used, more load across the board, then no problem (within ‘reason’); but what about the other stuff…? For a minority of businesses SaaS is all they have and need but, for good reasons, that isn’t...

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Ethos Technology Adds Leading Data Migration Vendor to Portfolio

For immediate release: 3rd March 2020 Ethos Technology, a value-add distributor which specialises in next generation infrastructure technologies, has today announced it will be offering the latest solutions and capabilities from Datadobi in the UK. Datadobi, a global leader in data management and storage software solutions, brings order to unstructured storage environments so that the enterprise can realise the value of their expanding universe of data. Their software allows customers to migrate and protect data while discovering insights and putting them to work for their business. Datadobi takes the pain and risk out of the data storage process, and does it ten times faster than other solutions at the best economic cost point. Founded in 2010, Datadobi is a privately held company based out of Belgium, with subsidiaries in New York, Melbourne, London, and Dusseldorf. Data is growing at an exponential rate; by 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data...

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DataCore are Three Feet High and Rising!

As De La Soul taught me in 1989, themselves passing on the teachings of the scholar Bob Dorough, three is a magic number. When it comes to data, particularly when attempting to understand and crystallise requirements, and design a solution to meet those requirements, the three-pronged framework I often use can be distilled as:  StoreManageUse In diagrams I will draw those as bottom-up layers with storage providing the foundation, management of the data/storage overlaying that foundation and access/utilisation overlaying that. This isn’t revolutionary, people have been using similar terminology to talk about data for years; old as it is though, it’s just as useful today as it was way back when. So, the framework we use to evaluate has held firm; however, much has changed with what it is we are evaluating.  Compared to just a few years ago there are many more systems creating much more data; shed-tons of the...

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