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How can healthcare keep their data protected?

We've talked here before about frequent attacks on the health area and how important it is to always be aware of data protection, especially in this area (but not only there). Unfortunately, the truth is that many healthcare organizations are not taking all the necessary steps to prevent or deal with ransomware attacks. Today we decided to make this post so that more organizations can take the necessary precautions and learn how modern data protection features can help them to be more resilient before, during and after an attack. How to keep healthcare data safe Some practices are recommended to maintain cyber health security so that we can always stay ahead of the threats that are constantly evolving threatening the privacy and data protection of patients and healthcare professionals.Among the most common methods such as backup and encryption, we have others such as: Restricting access to data and apps We can...

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73% of healthcare organizations have already been hit by Ransomware

A survey released in January of this year reveals that 73% of the world's healthcare organizations have already suffered an attempted ransomware attack. The survey was conducted with 2980 IT security professionals from 877 organizations by Black Book and brought up worrying data about IT in the health area: 73% of participating organizations have already been hit by ransomware at some point. In addition, 86% of healthcare IT leaders believe attackers are outperforming their companies and don't feel so secure anymore. Why does healthcare suffers so many ransomware attacks The reason is not always just the obvious: retaining important health data so that they pay the ransom and avoid interruptions of devices, systems, etc. The truth is, that healthcare data is highly valued on the dark web. Some hackers target medical records and patient information. So, in the end, you can sell them and profit from them. How a ransomware attack...

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