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The ransomware gang was building a crypto payment platform, a social network – and even had plans for a casino

A cyber attack gang called Conti had their files leaked that show what they planned to do with all the money they raised carrying out ransomware attacks on companies. Among the plans were to open a casino and create a new social network. The gang has extorted around 180 million dollars from companies since last year and had their scheme leaked by a cybersecurity researcher who infiltrated a dark web chat and brought up 60000 files of chat messages. The files show more than just the daily functioning of the group, how they carry out attacks, and so on. They also show what they intend to do in the future like cryptocurrency and social media schemes and expansion beyond corporate extortion. We always need to be prepared to protect ourselves from attacks like this gang. Unfortunately, as anti-ransomware systems evolve, they also evolve with their attacks. Choose as your cybersecurity and...

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